Executive AI Masterclass Series

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According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, AI will be more significant than the discovery of Fire... Whether you believe this statement or not, it's hard to argue that AI is already showing potential to radically transform our lives.

It is predicted that by 2020:

  • 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human;
  • 20% of companies will dedicate workers to monitor and guide neural networks;
  • Market estimates project global AI revenue will reach $36.8 billion, a significant increase over 2017’s $643.7 million mark.

81% of business executives believe AI and machine learning will dramatically affect their businesses within the next four years.

But how does AI apply to the enterprise? Should you be excited or concerned? What does AI actually mean for you and your teams? How should you start your journey into AI?

These topics, and more, will be explored in our AI Masterclass Series.

Overview of the Masterclass

Our Masterclasses aim to educate, inspire and equip business leaders with the necessary insights and frameworks to unlock the full potential of Intelligent Automation, from front-to-back-office.

Through a practical, tailored and technology agnostic approach, our Masterclasses arm senior executives and functional leaders with the necessary tools and frameworks to better understand concepts such as Computer Vision, RPA, Machine Learning and Voice Recognition, and their application to their business - both customer facing areas as well as under-served areas of their business in the back-office.

Given the technology agnostic stance of Symphony, we start with the problems attendees face, not the solutions. As such, attendees will leave with an understanding of the approaches they can take to developing and/or procuring Intelligent Automation capability for their business. They will understand what they need to do to start their Intelligent Automation journey, and the types of tools and methodologies they can use to help manage and guide them.

At the end of each Masterclass participants will:

  • Be equipped with tools and frameworks to hold more productive conversations and make better decisions regarding AI solutions
  • Have a deeper understanding of concepts and expected outcomes from a broad spectrum of Intelligent Automation capabilities
  • Hear stories, use cases and applications Intelligent automation technologies in F&A, HR, Operations, Procurement and Supply chain from across sectors
  • Leave inspired and armed with the tools to make a change in your business.

During each Masterclass Symphony will:

  • Discuss and share insight into lessons learned from the various concepts / solutions – where things typically go wrong, considerations for each
  • Present demonstrations of real-world solutions to understand capabilities and applications in your business
  • Shape and create your vision for each solution
  • Define priorities for implementing these solutions
  • Agree scope of discussion, along with key terms and definitions
  • Share practical next steps around getting started

Attendees will receive over £1,000 worth of collateral:

Who should attend

Whether you see AI as a source of business advantage or a risk, Our Masterclasses are non-technical sessions for senior managers and executives – exploring concepts, tools and applications in real-world scenarios. 

Typical attendees include:

  • Director’s and SVPs
  • VPs and heads of departments / BUs
  • Executives with budget responsibility seeking to better understand AI

The masterclasses are not limited to any particular industry vertical. 

For more information on our AI Masterclass Series, please contact us via the form. Alternatively, email chris.gayner@symphonyhq.com.