Automating Intelligently

The GDPR (coming into effect on 25 May, 2018) is an extension of the existing EU Data Protection act, which seeks to give people greater control over their data and will impact any company with personal data ‘processed’ in the EU (regardless of whether the organisation is in the EU, or not). Meeting Day 1 GDPR requirements is a critical focus for many organisations leading up to 25 May 2018. However, forward thinking leaders are actively seeking sustainable means for overcoming the challenges of managing ‘Continual Compliance’, from May 25 onwards.

We believe there is significant opportunity to leverage proven, enterprise ready solutions to alleviate some of the burden of compliance, without having to hire a team to manage the administration of the regulation. Through the use of intelligent automation tools, we believe that companies can effectively and sustainably meet Day 2 requirements (such as responding to Data Subject Requests).

This workshop offers a practical overview of how to approach and considerations for leveraging Intelligent Automation tools to enable ‘Continual Compliance’.

Overview of the Workshop

This Workshop brings together the concepts of Intelligent Automation with the realities of GDPR. The Workshop is highly interactive and offers real demos and discussions on the components of GDPR which can be enhanced or transformed by automation tools.

By attending this workshop, senior managers and executives will come away with an understanding of the range of Intelligent Automation capabilities and a full appreciation of the benefits that these can deliver.

They will understand the scope of automation for both GDPR and wider applications across their business. They will appreciate how to stack various technologies to produced a multplier effect in terms of outcomes.

Finally, this Workshop will benefit all levels of automation maturity - whether attendees are starting their automation journey or more advanced and looking to scale operations into other areas. 

Attendees will receive over £1,000 worth of collateral:

Who should attend

Whether you interesting in Intelligent Automation or tasked with leading the GDPR initiative in your business, this Workshop offers a practical, non-technical view of both. Developed for senior managers and executives, this Workshop will explore concepts, tools and applications in real-world scenarios. 

Typical attendees include:

  • Director’s and SVPs
  • VPs and heads of departments / BUs
  • Executives with budget responsibility seeking to better understand AI

The Workshop is not limited to any particular industry vertical.



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