Get more from your automation program

The Symphony Intelligent Automation Health Check diagnoses problem areas limiting the total value delivered while ensuring your program is built to overcome disruption, maintain business continuity and build enterprise resilience.

A Few Weeks. A World of Difference.

The IA Health Check offers a practical approach to optimize and improve your automation efforts with an in-depth analysis of what’s working and what’s not.

A Recalibration Toolkit

Access to a proven approach for diagnosing and remediating problem areas that are limiting automation adoption and/or scale.

A Roadmap for Success

A clear map of the current automation program and potential future-state with practical and actionable steps for scaled success.

A Practitioner's Perspective

The knowledge, experience, insight and best practices gleaned from over 120 successful automation programs.

Let’s Pinpoint Your Intelligent Automation Needs.

The Symphony Intelligent Automation Health Check focuses on five pillars of investigation. Our experts will rapidly identify the areas limiting your automation program and opportunities to unlock value.


Optimize the human side of IA — from training and knowledge management to role definitions, change management, and retention strategies.


Investigate the process of IA adoption itself. Identify best practices for process capture, configuration, code reuse, testing, deployment, compliance, and auditing.


Assess all aspects of IT – infrastructure, encryption management, license usage, IT involvement, vendor selection, and processes for new releases and back-out plans.


Institute guiding principles for IA initiation, aligning with emergent technologies, IA data collection and analytics, measurement and reporting, performance tuning, and funding sources.


Establish frameworks and capabilities to facilitate risk management, break fix, issue management, quality monitoring, and root cause analysis.

Minimal Time. Maximal Impact.

Within a few weeks, our experts will engage key stakeholders to identify, diagnose, and benchmark critical aspects of your automation program and provide actionable steps for recalibration or revitalization.

Strategic Alignment

Symphony will facilitate a kick-off meeting with senior stakeholders, defining project expectations and outlining the approach.



Self-Assessment Tool &
Data Deep-Dive

Symphony will issue a self-assessment tool for gathering data, discovering new questions to consider, and identifying areas of opportunity.



Capability Interviews

Symphony will conduct interviews with managers and process owners in each functional area to assess maturity along five pillars.



Maturity Assessment

Based on the self-assessment, interviews, and data analysis, Symphony will deliver a Maturity Assessment that maps, categorizes, and prioritizes all areas of your IA efforts.



Workshop 1: Playback & Presentation

In the first workshop, Symphony will present findings and discuss key facets of analysis with process owners, SMEs and critical stakeholders. All feedback will be captured and fed into the final report.



Workshop 2: Report Delivery

In the second workshop, Symphony will present a final, comprehensive report to all stakeholders that includes all findings, assessments, and a roadmap for scaling your Intelligent Automation program company-wide.



Symphony, the #RightPartner for IA programs built to scale

With over 120 successful client engagements worldwide, choosing Symphony means choosing the experience, insight, and accreditation of the global leader in Intelligent Automation.

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We partner with an ecosystem of Intelligent Automation industry leaders.

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One Giant Leap for Your
Intelligent Automation Program.

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