Webinar Overview

August 9th at 8:00am PDT / 11:00am EDT / 4:00pm BST 

The healthcare industry, especially traditional care providers, are experiencing one of the most disruptive periods in memory.  As with any other business, the healthcare executives find themselves in the constant pursuit of providing more to their constituency, while needing to drive down operating costs. This has led a growing number of business leaders to recognize a greater need to utilize technologies and approaches that have taken over the way other industries do their work - in particular the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

This webinar, co-presented by Pat Geary - Blue Prism,  A.J. Hanna - Symphony Ventures, and Michael Grace of Dignity Health, will explore how to maximize your RPA program to realize meaningful transformation in your business.

During this 60-minute webinar you'll learn more about:

  • RPA in healthcare today. Where we are seeing RPA being utilized in the industry effectively.
  • Real-world learning and advice. Learn what really works - including high-potential process choice and improvement, establishing internal alignment and taking your program to the next level, whether you are looking to implement automation across the back-, middle- and/or front-office.
  • What's next?  What's on the horizon for automation in Healthcare.

Who should attend?

For those in the Healthcare space eager to better understand how RPA and Intelligent Automation can transform their processes for improved speed, accuracy and quality this webinar offers a practical, non-technical view of how these tools can be leveraged to drive innovation across your business.


 Michael Grace Pat Geary  AJ Hanna

Michael Grace

Sr. Director Non Clinical Applications - Enterprise Healthcare IT Services

Dignity Health

Pat Geary

Chief Evangelist


Blue Prism

A.J. Hanna

VP Client Advocacy


Symphony Ventures