What is the Partner Orchestration Model?

Symphony’s Partner Orchestration Model was developed to drive growth for our partners by combining their unique expertise with our global automation market experience, access to technology and our powerful engagement methodology. This enables them to provide an unparalleled range of proven RPA services to their clients and gives them the credibility and experience differentiator that stands out in a growing market.

Who Are Our Perfect Partners?

Every partnership starts with understanding our partners’ specific goals and challenges. Your organization is perfect for the program if you’re:

  • A startup looking to drive rapid growth in the RPA market
  • An established consulting firm that wants to provide RPA solutions as part of a digital transformation offering
  • A system integrator that’s struggling to deliver solutions to your customers
  • A reseller wanting to offer Intelligent Automation solutions

Why Partner With Us?

The global market for RPA and Intelligent Automation solutions is growing rapidly, with large organizations seeking services to help them implement RPA solutions effectively. The opportunity for established consulting organizations and startups to enter and thrive in this market is expanding with this demand.

Symphony is the only organization with vast deployment experience in all of the leading RPA tools, such as Blue Prism and UiPath. We are Global Partners with all of the leading vendors and we have extensive capabilities when it comes to bringing RPA solutions to a wide variety of business processes and sectors.

All of our partners receive comprehensive support in every aspect of RPA, from pre-sales to delivery and beyond.