Adopting RPA is a no-brainer.

Getting it right is a whole different story.

The #RightPartner helps you…


Align stakeholders and breakdown organizational silos to clearly define goals.


Create a roadmap and governance model to empower your RPA program.

Institutionalize QUICKLY

Apply IA standards enterprise-wide to achieve scale.


Stay highly engaged to maintain an optimal program.

What makes Symphony your #RightPartner?

We’re recognized as a leader in the Intelligent Automation (IA) industry. With over 120 successful client engagements and millions of processes automated worldwide, choosing Symphony means choosing the experience and insights of the global leader in scalable IA.

Industry Recognition

#1 Delivery of Value 2018

Leading Service Delivery Automation (SDA) Providers

GSA Digital Champion of the Year 2017

‘Cool Vendor’ in the Business Process Services Category

Blue Prism Implementation & Best Practice Leader 2017 - US/LatAM

Regional Partner Innovator Award 2018

We deliver results our clients are proud of.

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Retail
A Cure for Ailing Payroll


A U.S. healthcare firm that stuck with a legacy payroll system was mired in unprocessed paid leave cases, leading to overpayments and employee frustration.


Symphony integrated RPA to automate payroll workflow, significantly reducing large overpayments and increasing case resolution speed by 260%.

Saving Money by Saving Time


A financial services agency could not keep pace with an influx of adjustable rate mortgages, resulting in missed government deadlines and employees getting fined.


Symphony consultants wove RPA into the existing workflow, automating manual work so employees could focus on time-consuming exceptions. The result was a 71% reduction in turnaround time and an extraordinary drop in regulatory fines.

Retail Resolutions at Lightning Speed


A global retail electronics company was burdened with an antiquated ticket reconciliation system requiring manual entries, yielding a massive backlog.


Symphony instantly shifted the company to a dynamic web queue, re-engineering workflows to resolve tickets automatically, resulting in 0 hours of manual processing and a 50% reduction in cost per transaction.

We can help pinpoint your Intelligent Automation needs

Our experts will work with your team to rapidly identify the areas limiting your automation program and opportunities to unlock value by focusing on:

People Process Technology Strategy Governance
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2019 Robotics & Automation Report


  • Five keys to overcome IA’s scalability challenges
  • Lessons learned from the first waves of RPA implementation
  • How companies are preparing their workforces for the rise of automation

The Challenge of Automation At-Scale Blog Series

The four-part series addresses:

  • How to define scale
  • Why to avoid quick wins
  • Common attributes among successfully scaled programs
  • How to orchestrate an IA program
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